Tuesday, June 26, 2007


I got this in an email.
Just thought it was funny.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

"Hair" today, gone tomorrow

I got a haircut today.
Isn't it amazing how good you feel after one. Its kinda like when mom comes home from grocery shopping and she bought a box of Lucky Charms. SUGAR HIGH. I wanna run errands all day with all my kids because my hair feels and looks AWESOME. However, the next day, never looks that way again because you suck at fixing it just the perfect way the hairstylist does it. Anywho, Camden informed me "mom I don't like your hair, it looks wierd." Kids say the darnest things. "But hey kid, I still got like 6 more hours of FAB hair- so cool it."

PS- yardsale-ing today & tomorrow. Stop on by.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

I passed through the seven levels of the Candy Cane forest, through the sea of swirly twirly gum drops, and then I walked through the Lincoln Tunnel.

I'm a dreamer.
Not in the future sense, but in the sleep sense. I sleep way too lightly and I can usually remember close to all my dream each night that I do. Mitch hates it when I wake up and tell him what happened in my dreams.

"Mitch, wanna hear about my dream last night?"
"K, so we were in 7th grade art class, and you were there, and you were making out with this girl. And she was like laughing at me and pointing."
"Nan, it wasn't real."
"But I was sooo mad at you."
"Nan, it wasn't real."
"And you were laughing too."
"Nan, it wasn't real."
"And I stormed out of the room, but you didn't follow."

My mom used to tell us that our dreams probably are affirmations of our feelings. For example, if you were being drowned and your friend was doing it, that probably means that you have some pent up frustration with them. Or if my dad left me on purpose at a truck stop, it means that I'm not getting enough dad time and need to hear I love you from him. But not all my dreams are jealous rages. I have some plain out CRAZY ones. Like when I gave birth to a red bouncy ball, or when I fall down a well (who has open wells any more anyway).

Sometimes you might be the one who dreams and acts. My sister gets up in the night and lives her dreams physically. She will literally get up and clean her room (push everything in the closet) because her friends are there and she doesn't want them to see her underwear on the floor-but it's the middle of the night and NO one is really there.

"Mitch wanna hear my dream last night?"
"It was so mean of you. We were on the golf course, and you were running away from me and hiding behind all the trees"
"(sigh) Nan, it isn't real"
"...and you were riding my favorite horse and even he was whooping and hollering 'ha ha, mitch is riding me'"
"Nan, you need help."
"(Almost crying) Mitch just say you love me."
in his grizzly barg voice, "Nan, I love you and I'll pay more attention to you."

Thats exactly what I needed to hear.

How do you dream?

Friday, June 15, 2007


My Barg,

What a guy. He has many talents and I love his guts out.

  • Argue Man is a great writer and SOOO smart. He can express his feelings through his extensive vocabulary and great debating skills.

  • Meeyatch loves his family. He will always make sure he has one wrestling match with Cam a day and Boone usually joins in too.

  • Mipitich is a hard worker. He will drive to Seattle twice in one day if we need it, just to bring the bacon home.

  • Bargy Barg has tons of self confidence. He can strut his stuff around the pool, and not a worry.

  • Mitchell is thoughtful, when he worked as a furniture delivery man, he would send me cards in the mail from little towns, and I would get them days later professing his love.

  • Ba garg makes me laugh. He is so stinkin funny, he can recite movie lines and even do voices.

This man is the only one for me. I'm so glad he is mine. I love him. Mitchell Layne.

Happy Fathers Day!

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

blockin' up the scenery, breaking my mind...

After surfing my regular blogs, I couldn't help but think, what am I passionate about? Everyone seems to have their favorite things. My husband for instance, has SEVERAL things he is passionate about, classic cars, classic music, and classic games (like golf). So I set out to find some of my "passionistas", if you will (and you will).

The first one is signs. I love old vintage signs. I want my family room to look like Applebees with signs everywhere. Lots to look at, never a dull moment at my house with something for each sense. Here are a few of my favorites: (look up above)
(okay, im still learning how to work this darn site. The picts i posted ended up above and not below my words. How the heck does that work? anyway lots to learn. )
Anyway, stay tuned and i'll reveal more passions next time.....

Monday, June 11, 2007

Rummage Sale, Tag Sale, Garage Sale, Yard Sale...

Yard Sale season, my second favorite time of the year (just behind fall, football games, and sweaters). Every Friday, and Saturday I've always got my eyes peeled for a good old neon construction paper sign on the side of the road. Some people get fancy and add balloons, some just throw their garbage out in the trash or set it in front of their house. I am so not afraid to knock on a door and ask "how much do you want for that?" I love the feeling I get when I see something I know I can sand and paint and give new life to. So in honor of the season, I'd thought I'd give some yard sale tips:

1. If there is no price tag, always ask "how much do you want for that" You might end up offering too much if you say "how bout $____ for that".

2. Try to hit early in the morning. But then also come back around when people are finishing up, they are more likely to go down on price, or give it away.

3. Don't get all dressed up to yard sale, wrong impression.

4. Tools are big sellers, always dig thru those, or ask what something is if you don't know. You might end up with a expensive pump your dad always wanted.

5. If you are doing a yard sale, don't bother pricing every little thing, group things according to price.

6. If you don't have a price on something, and someone wants to buy it, say "how much would you give for that?"- you never know, they might pay a ton more than you would have priced it. And you can always go up if they offer too little.

7. If you have a bunch of toys (mcdonalds, or junk like that) put 4 or 5 of them in plastic ziplock bags and put $1 on them. People will see one item they want and end up buying the bag. -gets rid of crap a lot faster.

8. ALWAYS put your furniture out where traffic can see it. This attracts people! Little secret: sometimes I'll put a piece of furniture out in the yard sale and put a sign on it that says sold. People will stop to buy it, then find out its already sold. They'll end up staying and digging thru the other stuff. Ha Ha, evil I know.

9. Talk to your customers as they are looking, flattery always works. I recently sold a weight set for Sarah, and these young guys were browsing, I asked "you guys are buff- do you work out?" Of course they said "uh...yeah a little" (yeah right) I then told them about my awesome weight set and how they would pick up all kinds of chicks after working out on it. They couldn't get their wallets out fast enough. Cha ching.

10. Location, location, location.

Whether you are out to make money, or get rid of junk just remember: If you build it they will come, and call me, I'll be there.

Friday, June 8, 2007

Cry me a river

Dear bloggers,

Okay all you mothers-young and old, please refresh my memory and give advice to my problem. This may sound stupid, or mean but I would love your input nonetheless. My second baby Jack(6mo) is so much like his father it isn't even funny. One of his best qualities is his stubbornness, and he thinks he doesn't need sleep.

So today I fed him a bottle and he got the sleepy eyes, and cuddled up with me and went to sleep, but the minute I lay him down in his crib, he goes CRAZY. He screams and cries for as long as it takes to have someone come pick him up. Literally I let him cry for 40 minutes today. As a mother you can't sit and hold a baby all day and not get anything done, but on the other hand, they grow up so fast and holding him all day wouldn't be so bad would it? I'm so divided.


concerned and frazzled

Wednesday, June 6, 2007


Many of you know that in my family there are a few who are deaf (yeah, thats "deaf", not "death"- I hate it when people say like that). My older sister Jen got spinal meningitis when she wa 18 mo. old and the fever burned her ears and scarred important working parts. She has really good speech, and you would hardly know she was deaf because she lip reads really well. My younger brother Alex is deaf from birth and was adopted by our family when he was 3 years old. And despite great speech teachers and hard work when he was young, he unfortunately relies on interpreters so much more. My father has hearing loss in one ear so severly (ear infections when he was a baby) that we would want to sit on his bad ear side in church so he could not hear us talking during sac. meeting. And lastly my husband has pretty bad hearing loss also. We all (6 kids) learned sign language and interpreted all growing up, so my siblings could be in a most mainstreemed situation as possible. So this issue is a pretty important one in my family.

On your phone bill each month, you pay pennies to keep our telephone system up and running. My family communicates on what we call a VRS system. Video Relay is the updated TTY. We use a tv monitor and "talk" back and forth using sign and we can directly watch my sister sign back. Kinda like a web cam except WAY faster and better. She uses this VRS to do everyday things like call about her cable, check on the pass weather, and order pizza. What we would consider mundane tasks, takes her no time at all because of you. Another thing is that my sister and her husband actually work for the company who supplies these "phones" to the public.

The FCC is now cutting the budget and the "phones" will no longer be available. Somehow the interpreters, tech support, and costs of the equipment must be paid. Please help my family keep in touch. I know, I'm one of those people who delete those stupid emails people forward around saying, "help the people of darfur", or "save gas". But this one is close to home and needs mega attention. Please go to this website VRSCA.org, click on the lady who is signing (you'll know when you get there) and email the government to keep funding to this important cause. I thank you and my family thanks you!

Monday, June 4, 2007

Working Hard

We try our best in our callings but no matter how hard you try, you always feel like you could do a much better job. There are so many things to improve on, but everyone has to work as a team. I have learned how long it takes to get something changed...forever! I've been in my current calling for a year and a half and I still feel like I am just learning how to do somethings. It does feel good to get a pat on the back every now and again. I appreciate teachers who "go with the flow" and adapt to schedule mess ups. I also appreciate good parents who are attentive to what goes on, but also who love and teach their children at home. I realized how smart our kids are yesterday when I asked a few to come up and do an article of faith. Almost all volunteered and recited by themselves. It was great, they are learning!