Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Ready or not...

BYUI ed week,

Here I come.

Peace Out.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Marilyn tagged me so I guess I'll participate. I think I'm supposed to write 6 words for my life right now. But I feel like I need to explain each one. So here goes:

1. Excited-In one week I'm attending BYUI ed week with some of my roommates from Ricks.

2. Laborious- Fired another girl at work, so I'm back to working some shifts.

3. Thriving- Mitch is out of work, but the hound keeps us going.

4. Curious- What Heavenly Father wants us to do next.

5. Laughing- Our darn boys, are so funny.

6. Fortunate- Though our life is flipped upside down, we still receive MUCHO blessings-O. I'm glad for those!

(Class Reunion was horrible. 16 people showed. I'm even wearing girl shoes-you just can't see them. Marilyn, can I join your diet?)

Monday, July 21, 2008

Long story short...

So this beautiful baby is mine, all mine. Wanna hear about it. Thought so.
I will make a declaration here and now: Never will I buy anything "new" again. I'm going to send out announcements soon, because Craigslist and I are getting married. I love him, and he loves me.

I researched and looked for a couple weeks til I had some good options for vans. Mitch and I drove to Spokane CASH in hand, and on the way up, we rated the 10 printouts I had of the vans I wanted to test drive. We drove our little delivery neon up there and on the way up, we accidentally ran over some Semi truck's tire tread (those guys should have to pull over and get that crap out of the road, or get a ticket!) Mitch tried to swerve but to no avail we ran over the hugest piece of rubber I have ever seen. We though nothing happened but our neon was hurt. The tread almost ripped the bumper off the car. So Mitch jimmied it to stay on using zip ties.

We went to our favorite first and drove the blue one, listing all the things we would change or fix later. This "dealership" was so ghetto, that Cody our service tech was also our salesman. We made a total low ball offer-he refused-and we told him we MIGHT be back...

So then we drove to some other cars, they were all garbage compared to our favorite. But we did come upon some drama at one car lot. We pulled up to a scene of the owner of the lot yelling at some WT lady. She was cussing up a storm and arms flailing trying to get her hands on the keys. He yelled some obscenities back and practically drove over her putting the little (trashed) white ford focus wagon back on the lot. She turned and looked at us and said "I wouldn't buy a car here!" Thanks lady, we kinda already decided that. A little skinny salesman came out and tried to apologize, no dice dude. He showed us the van we wanted to look at, but It was actually in the shop right then (uhh...nice). "Well, we MIGHT be back". The salesman slinked back into the building, probably questioning why the heck he worked there. Mitch couldn't believe what we just witnessed, but I assured him it was just another day at the hound.

(the little white focus at the far end of the lot)

Eventually we went back to our favorite and "showed them the money". This van has a lot of miles, and needed some work. But still it was the best deal. And the best thing- No payments! Since we've gotten home, the engine light has turned on but Mitch is a super mechanic and has fixed everything on the car.
New plugs and wires, coil, window washer pump, new stereo (my ipod plugs right into it), new tires, and serpentine belt. What a guy!

So, those of you who read this, be watching in the mail. The wedding for me and my new love is being planned and your "save the date" will be coming. And remember, buy us a gift from Craigslist.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008


In the market for one of these...

Thursday, July 3, 2008


Remember: Times are getting tougher, we need to be thankful for all we have. Independence day is perfect time to remember our freedoms. I am grateful for the agency we all have to choose our own paths, and Mitch and I are learning that we need to be prepared for times to come. Hope your 4th is bright and fun!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Boppie Happy B-Day JULY 2nd.

Darc and uncle Jay boot scooting
Darcie and Cam at preschool graduation

Happy Birthday Bopster
FIFTEEN..WHAT? where did the time go?

Here's some random stuff about my sister:

1. She's MEGA TALL for her age.

2. She's got beautiful teeth.

3. Super babysitter...even at age 9

4. Has an unfailing love for her family.

5. Is the baby of the fam.

6. Has super cute handwriting.

7. Has goals, and knows what she wants to do with her life.

8. drop dead gorgeous!

9. Can pass off as a college student and has many times.

10. A great leader.

11. Makes a mean glass of water.

12. Kicks butt when she's ballin' (basketball)

13. A list maker

14. Can drive a stick in first gear
(she's working on the rest of em still)

15. Is a good Friend

16. Does theatrical performances: Annie get your gun.

17. Is the best interpreter in the family.

18. Strong as an ox.

19. Way too mature for her age.

20. Did I mention, drop dead gorgeous?

I love you Darcie, thanks for all the free babysitting over the years.
Here's a post, don't spend it all in one place.