Friday, November 28, 2008

Happy Birthday to Me.

I'm out shopping (not so much shopping but watching people fight over stuff) and loving it. It's also my 29th birthday. Pretty crazy that its gone so fast.
I'm feeling a little conceited so I'm going to try something different maybe a little annoying.
Since it is MY birthday and this is MY blog I think I'm gonna brag a little about MYself. Feel free to skip to your next blog on your browser, won't hurt my feelings.

1. I was Seminary President my senior year in high school.
2. I have epidurals and easy labors with all my kids (so far).
3. I won the Laurel Athlete Award/Scholarship my senior year (only given to one girl and one boy every year).
4. I was a pretty dang good vet tech in my day.
5. I trained a 3 year old "green broke" horse when I was in the 6th grade. Not only a "horse" an Arabian if that means anything to anyone else.
6. I like my handwriting. It's pretty much the same as my moms, and all my sisters.
7. My body has always been pretty healthy... and "sturdy".
8. I dated the funniest guy on the planet and got him so whipped he asked me to marry him.
9. I like my decor style, which is anything hillbilly, beat up, practical, and worn.
10. I was an unbeliever in the Hill Cumorah Pageant. A once in a lifetime experience.
11. I was a pretty good setter, backstroker, and hurdler in my day.
12. I like that I drive a paid off vehicle.
13. I like that I can stand gross stuff: bloody gushing pus infested maggot wounds on animals or people and it just makes me want to clean it out more.
14. I can drive a 2300 Case International Self-leveling Wheat Combine just as good as Judd or his cousin Jake Bacon (real names-no joke) from Ione, OR.
15. I can beat anyone at the milk judging contest in FFA.
16. I'm the best woman driver of all time....(right mom?)
17. I can roller skate backward, and forward, anyone up to a race?
18. I'm a darn good VB coach. Maybe a little on the "passionate" side, not so much empathy for high school girls, but I'm good.
19. I can sing all the words to Alabama's Roll On.
20. I can do sign language and interpret pretty proficiently but there's always room for improvement right Jen?
21. I'm a pretty darn good yardsaler, or bargainer.
22. I'm kind of an animal whisperer. I come by it honestly too.
23. I got the principal's award in sixth grade and got to attend Camp Reed for free ($269 dollar value- that was a LOT back then).
24. I'm a leader, and a hard worker.
25. I'm a great organizer. Mitch says I throw away too much though. But I can organize mass amounts of people trying to get on a bus for the holidays- and no one is left behind!
26. I like that I'm pretty good at speaking to youth (maybe I never graduated to adult myself?).
27. I know what good running form looks like. It's the basis to every athlete.
28. I love my shoulders. Ha Ha.
29. I like my testimony. I know where I came from and what life means. And I'm thankful to Heavenly Father who lets me have these talents everyday.

Happy Black Friday!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Happy Thanksgiving to all.
I will be baking pumpkin pie, watching the Macy's parade, and searching my ads for black Friday. Have a good one.

Anyone willing to trade a "Header makeover" for homemade raspberry freezer jam?
I'm having the darnedest time!

Monday, November 24, 2008


Today is our anniversary, so I decided to surprise Nan with a short little post and a list. We got married in the Portland temple 8 years ago today. So here's a list of 8 things I love about my wife:

8. I love how when I hug you, you tuck your arms in my chest and lay your head sideways below mine. It's kinda like how a warm blanket just kind of drapes around you so perfectly.

7. I love how the house is always clean, and even when I look at it and think, "Wow, good job Mitch. Sucker looks sterile," it's still not good enough for you. But you never say anything, you just make it a little cleaner and a little better.

6. I love how when I come up behind you and put my arms around you, you tilt your head to the side so you can listen to me whisper something in your ear. I also love how you can actually hear what people whisper in your ear. Must be nice.

5. I love how when I get frustrated when Camden and Jack don't listen to me, you calmly say, "Mitch, just say it with love." I immediately think, "Oh yeah, it got you to marry me, I'm sure it will work with the boys too."

4. I love how you listen intently to your dad's stories and the way your upper lip curls up onto your gums because you are smiling so big. I love how you always wanna please him and make him happy and that the love that you have for your dad is symbolic of the love that you have for your Heavenly Father.

3. I love how you always let me do the things I want to do and never make me feel guilty for having hobbies and interests that don't include you. It only makes me want to stay home from golf and be with you. Sorry Riley.

2. I love how your shoulders look. They are incredibly sexy.

1. I love how you have turned out to be way more of a perfect wife than I ever hoped or dreamed any guy could be so lucky to have. If somebody had told me 8 years ago that I would be married to the HOTTEST blonde in Eastern Oregon, I probably would have said, "But does she have a nice rack?!" Well... no comment.


Turning 29 in 4 days and still looking finer than 10 pt font!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Over the hills and thru the woods...

My family is coming home Wednesday for our "early" Thanksgiving. We will have a super fun weekend filled with FOOD, FOOTBALL, LAUGHS, AND GAMES. Hope your weekend is as good as ours!

Thursday, November 13, 2008


This past week I made a trade. Camden went to my moms house and I got Darcie. I worked her and Mitch's guts out and got some stuff done. Darc shampooed my carpets, and Mitch did some trim around my new windows in two of the bedrooms, and Mom watched the boy. What a team! I feel so much better now that I'm a little more on top of it. So thanks to my crew who helped. I owe you big!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

October in a hurry...

Wowzee this month went fast. We have been so busy and illness has ran its course here in our home, that I haven't been too diligent in my blogging (and commenting-right Sar?). So I'm going to try to catch up.

1. We are EXPECTING a third baby here in our household. Yup, I'm ANNOUNCING this to all four of my readers. Who probably already know or guessed, with my sickness and fattiness growing. We are excited and this baby should be here 'round May. Just in time for the end of school and all of the busy goings on in that month.

2. We attended our first School Carnival couple weeks ago. It was funny to remember those packed house, sweaty kids, long lines, spilled pop, cheap candy, cake walk parties. I think Cam and Jack both loved it.

3. Ward Trunk or Treat went good. Jack pretty much would get a piece of candy and want to sit down and eat it right there. He really didn't understand the concept of getting as much as you can then eat. He was a Jack rabbit, and Cam was a skeleton. Their costumes turned out cute if you ask me, but I was busy with activities committee that night and forgot the camera. Mitch's mom got some shots and I'll post em later when she sends em.

4. Halloween Party was a success. Thanks to all who came and partook. Mitch and I were saying that this year was a super creative year for costumes. Good job y'all. I'm going to post pictures of those who I think wouldn't mind the world to see. I hope I guess right. I have more pictures if you want to come over and look at em, or you just want a copy for your posterity, email me. Special THANK YOU to my wonderful MOM/DAD for the babysitting, DANYELLE for the awesome visual effects and treat table, and MARILYN for the super delish cupcakes/drinks (the bus drivers went crazy the next day). I really appreciated the help, what great family I have.

Also to those who came, Mitch and I love and appreciate all the good supportive friends we've made over the years. Who'll still come to your lame Halloween parties AND dress up.


side note: after everyone left (except for 2 couples who won't be named), the COPS showed up! They asked for my ID and if we had permission to be in the building. UH, YEAH I OWN THIS PLACE! and No sir there was no alcohol. Cranky Amtrak lady tattled on us.

Mitch and I are the Cast of Hairspray. Our wigs were cheap and didn't really turn out the way we wanted. Even tho mom teased the heck out of em.

William Wallace and His wife (who was beheaded soon after) made an entrance. Sorry Marilyn, the only shot I have and you are singing my praises.

Trevinos always show up with an awesome idea. They were so cute this year. Sorry no utube video this time Johnny.

Some campaigning left to do...

Always need some superheros Tink, you're so cute even the Don thinks so.

Another set of the McCain /Palin team. And hold everything, who let the gorilla in? Couple of fairies.

Charades anyone?

Sorry girls I must've been standing tooooooo close, either that or Sara really is a zombie.

Lewis' always famous for their outfits. Good idea guys.