Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Our trailer is turning out to be just great. It cleans SO fast. The boys are sharing a bedroom and they are getting used to that. Brady is starting to sleep thru every train that drives by too (like 8 a night). Our storage space is so LIMITED, and I've even packed up things to put back into storage in Pasco. My couponing has to be on hold too, there is NO space to put 12 boxes of trix I got on sale.

Cam starts school tomorrow at my old elem school. It'll be weird to walk down those halls again. I went to Salnave 4th through 6th grade (and 7th at the Jr. High). I even found out a good friend of mine teaches there. We sat down tonight and set up schedules, chore lists, prayer charts and got fathers blessings.
We are going to dive into the Cheney Parks and Rec program and the library is my best friend already. They have an after school classes once a month for cam and once a week for jack and Brady. We even have a coop preschool thru parks and rec. It's waaaaayyyy cheaper than the school one and I can sign Brady up and he can participate too.
Every night we try to take a walk. If the boys get out of the trailer then they fall asleep faster after they are worn out and this place is a little too small to do our regular nightly wrestling matches. We are gonna check out the college sports facilities soon. Hopefully we can swim and play some evenings before bed too.

I look forward to meeting some friends and families at church and finding some good babysitters .

Heavenly father blesses us. We see that everyday.
Love you all.

Monday, August 30, 2010


Shush. I don't wanna hear it. I know I've been horrible with blogs. But thats the way it is. Get over it. I plan to be much better from here on out. Promise.
Quick update:
We moved to Cheney and even though it is only 2 hours away from Pasco, it is 10 degrees colder, and the town is tiny. I did spend 4 years here as a kid, and the town seemed so much bigger! Anywho, I thought I'd show some pictures of our home in our new chapter of life we like to call "trailer livin'"
(keep in mind, these were taken a day after we moved in.)