Friday, August 28, 2009

Yay for Schedules

This summer has cruised by. I had a baby at the beginning of it so that made it go super fast as I've been preocupied with him. I am sad to see summer go, but SOOOOOO looking forward to schedules again. Camden will be at school all day and I'm we will have regular nap times again. YIPPEE. Can't wait.

This was the one thing I painted this summer. Sad I know. I refinished it for the family auction and I think it turned out pretty cute.

Monday, August 17, 2009


This weekend was the Mathews family reunion. We love this weekend every other year, we have so much fun and eat such good food. We did lots of activities: Fun run 3 mile race, swimming, kayaking, bread making class, Amazing race, Auction, newlywed game, temple sessions, ice-blocking, and much more. We were constantly going and had such a blast. Thanks to those who worked so hard! We are sure proud to be Mathews.
Go here for a more detailed version

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Yes, It do.

This is Jack's new favorite saying now. When him and Cam get into arguments it's so cute to hear his side: "Yes, it do."

Where does the time go? I'm sitting down to post now or I'll never get it updated. I've gotten to do some pretty cool stuff lately and I need to brag. Here's what we've been up to:
*Trip to Rexburg- Ambassador Alumni Training, and Ed week. I also meet some of my roommates there every year and we act like no time has passed at all. This year Amanda (Granby, CT) and Ashleigh (SanDiego, CA) came to play. We missed you Bean, and Jillie.

Roomies chillin at Ricks. Yes Manda, I'm better at the "hold-your-own-camera" thing.

Mom and me at "new" Craigo's. We have the same eating face.

Me, dreaming I played, in the Hart Gym.
Amanda and Me at the Rexburg Temple.

Quick weekend to Leavenworth, WA for cousin Levi's wedding. Thanks mom, for watching the boys so we could go. I'd never been and its a cute little Bavarian town to tour. Mitch even had a Bratworst. How could he not.
Mitch loving on the Goat. Across from our hotel at Leavenworth, WA
Sorry for the Pit shot.
Dapper young men at Levi's wedding (Mitch, Damon, Rich)

We got another busy week. Family reunion (mathews), Katie comes into town for quick weekend, and Umatilla County Fair week. Will post more picts later!