Monday, August 27, 2007

the best pastime...

Check this out. This is a far cry from where we are, but it gets you in the mood doesn't it?

(I haven't figured out how to post the whole video on here, so bear with me.)

Tuesday, August 14, 2007


Here are some pictures from the reunion I promised. It was a great weekend jam-packed with fun activities and never a dull moment. Now we need a vacation to recover from it.

Cousin Michelle, Nick, and Heather (team Pink) posing before the Amazing Race.

This is the desk I refinished for the auction. I had to decoupage some material onto the top and inside the drawers because of the rough shape it was in. Marilyn is now the proud owner.

These are some of the Mathews Brothers cooking some grubbin breakfast; Dwayne, Loren, Leon, and Richard. Great Job you guys!

Jack survived the weekend, he especially enjoyed the 5k fun run/walk. He loves having his Grami-tami around to constantly hold him.

Alicia liked the breakfast but not me taking her picture. You're welcome Leesh.

Many thanks to those who put on craft classes, activities, and meals. It was enjoyed by all!


This is my little joker, CAM. Isn't he so funny?
I'm in the process of downloading family reunion picts and in the rough stages of a post for tomorrow. So stay tuned...

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Wake up laughing

I had a Super Day yesterday. First Marilyn invited me to "Hairspray". If you have not seen this, you are seriously going to miss the newest musical to rock the nation. I loved it. After the movie I was ready to write a roadshow, so look out first ward.

So I scored some tickets to Martina Mcbride (country singer) concert at the Toyota center last night. Mitch didn't want to go (he thinks she screams), Sarah did. We had such a good time.

We were sporting our YMCA Soccer tee-shirts (we had to wear them, because of the free tickets), and set off. Got to the doors and they turned us away because of my camera. Apparently you can't take any camera with "zoom". And since Mitch bought this huge camera with fantastic zoom, I had to walk all the way back to the truck and put it away (secretly I saw a billion people with ZOOM cameras). So Sarah and I snapped some pics with our cell phones. Uh, not so great. The concert was rockin. Martina sang almost all her hits and kept us chuckling between songs. I loved when she sang some old Loretta Lynn songs. I noticed some themes: she definitely uses the word "concrete" in 75 percent of her songs, and she's all about girl power. What a show. With a country concert comes interesting people, we saw plenty of "county fair goers", fist pumpers, and business in the front party in the back. We applauded at the end and got her to come out and sing 2 more songs. She sang Don't stop believing (Journey), and Hit me with your best shot (Pat Benetar). It was great.

After the show, we headed home smiling and chatting. I was on the 240 when a stater pulled us over.

"Ma'am, do you know why I pulled you over?"

"actually no, I wasn't speeding (I was going 5 under because me and Sarah were talking so much I wasn't paying attention).

"have you been drinking?"


"You have a tail-light out"

"Oh. This is my husbands pick-up."

Long silence as he is checking my license and registration-which i handed him the registration for our utility trailer. Mitch says I can never stand the silence and have to talk.

"...uh, we just got back from a concert tonight, Martina Mcbride at the Toyota Center, you'll probably see a lot of traffic from there since it just got out...."

"Oh yeah, well just tell your husband to get that fixed"

"Thanks officer, have a good night"

I'm a retard. But I got Sarah home safely-with no alcohol consumption.

Thanks Marilyn for suggesting the movie.

Thanks YMCA and Rena for the tickets.

Thanks Sarah for the going with me.

and Thanks to Mitch for letting me have a huge day off!

PS- stay tuned for the button explanation check Marilyns blog, she's going to write it. Since every time i have to tell the story, I wanna puke.

Sunday, August 5, 2007


Yourself: Productive
Your partner: fun
Your hair: unpredictable
Your mother: reliable
Your father: resiliant
Your favorite item: volleyball
Your dream last night: roadtrip
Your favorite drink: coke
Your dream car: mkx
Dream home: progressing
The room you are in: messy
Your fear: buttons
Where you want to be in 10 years: debt-free
Who you hung out with last night: umatilla county
You're not: lazy
One of your wish list items: hutch
The last thing you did: nappapotamous
You are wearing: polo
Your favorite weather: autumn
Your favorite book: children of the promise
Last thing you ate: lasagne
Your life: controlled
Your mood: spacy
Your best friend: Bekie
What are you thinking about right now: callings
Your car: Mitch's truck
What are you doing at the moment: disciplining
Relationship status: happily married
What is on your t.v: smudges
When is the last time you laughed: at Mitch's "smudges" joke

Consider yourself tagged: Natalie (oh wait...), Katie, and Libbie.
Congrats to Manda & Bens baby boy!