Friday, September 28, 2007


Tonight is the awaited ward activity,

we (committee) have been planning.

Come be "Elementary" for an evening.

Be there or Be square!

Monday, September 17, 2007

Yay for fall

I'm looking forward to chillier days and nights, weiner wraps, friday night football games, sweaters and jeans, no yard work, and camp fire smell in the air.
Do you love fall?

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

A shout out to KIM:

Kim is:
a super bookkeeper
super mom
super FAST walker
super antique shopper
super yard sale barginer
super daughter
super YW secretary
super gardener
super canner
super hard worker
super advice giver
super friend.

Friday, September 7, 2007


Well, the game didn't go as we planned. Hermiston was beat by Southridge on Tuesday night. However, Hermiston played well. We were defeted in four games and passing poorly was our downfall. We are a very young team with only 2 seniors, which means a lot of learning will be done this year.

Shout out to Ally Hannah who is a Jr. for Southridge and in my old ward. It was good to see her, and what a hitter!

Also gave a hug to my old coach, who now is the head coach for Southridge. He pretty much kicked my behind all during school, but got me to where I am. By the way, he holds the record for the longest last name for a High School coach nationwide: John Lengphounpraseut (pronounced "Le-fon-poo-shey" He is from Laos).

We head to Walla Walla Saturday to play in one of the oldest and biggest tourneys in this area. They have free food for coaches. That rocks.

Monday, September 3, 2007


HERMISTON's first home game tomorrow (TUES 9/4) 5:15pm (JV, JV2) 7:00pm (Varsity)
Showdown at the dawg-house!
(directions to match at

Sunday, September 2, 2007


Wednesday afternoon, we (Tami, Marilyn, Danyelle, & Kristen) set off to Seattle. We scored super great tickets-thanks to Marilyn and her stealth-like Internet reflexes-to the Michael Buble concert at McCaw Hall. Perfect.

We set out on our journey, arriving in Seattle during rush-hour traffic. -Not so perfect.

We checked into our hotel which was only like 5 min from the venue. The bellman let us in on a little secret, that MB's crowd might be staying at this same hotel. Maybe we can score some backstage stuff? -Perfect.

We ate at a little lounge under the hotel and had some great salmon and pasta. Perfect.

We arrived at the hall and found our seats 6th row a little right of the stage. MB's family was there and sat 10 chairs down on our left. -Perfect.

MB sang and lulled us into a state of teeny-bopper love. If you ever have a chance of seeing this man in concert, it is so worth it. He really puts on a great show. -Super Perfect.

Toward the end of the concert, we ran down to the stage and danced to his rocking music. Unfortunately we happened to be behind two girls who were completely drunk and disgusting. -SO NOT Perfect.

These two girls were...uhem...doing things X rated at a G rated show. At one point one of the young women (seriously she looked 15 years old!) hoisted herself up on the stage and sat there with her back turned to MB and facing us. She was "grooving" in her own little world and MB just happened to sing right behind her. She reached up behind her and grabbed the very bottom of the front of his suit coat (because he is a classy guy, he sings in a suit and tie) in a dangerously naughty place. Panic set in. -NOT Perfect.

I looked over to the side of the stage, and I see MB's body guard staring at her, then me, her, then me. He starts mouthing "Get her off the stage!" Because I grew up in a family where reading lips is 2nd nature, I looked behind me to see if this guy is really talking to me. I look back and he says it again with a little more gusto. I push my "chicken" aside and point to the side of the stage and yell to the girls, "hey! look over there!" They look, and he mouths a sentence that is a little too explicit to write. The girl, slides off the stage, and gives her best drunk-dirty look to me. She says, in her snooty voice, with her horrid breath..."It's not like you see Michael Buble everyday!" I stuck my face out and said "we do!" Good one Nan -Perfect.

Needless to say, me and this body guard are best friends forever. -also Perfect.

We slept in a cool hotel, and headed for home the next morning. We soon hit "Yaka-Vegas" and were glad to see the last stretch home. When I got pulled over by a stater! Is it just me, or do I always get pulled over immediately after concerts I attend? Anyway he pulled me over to test the tint on my windows. CAN YOU BELIEVE IT? He said my windows were barely under the limit, but they WERE under the limit (we bought the Tahoe like that). He comes to my window and has the gall to say, "I'm giving you a warning..." COMO? how do you give me a warning when I'm NOT breaking the law? Oh well, just one more cop for Mitch to hate. -Not Perfect.

All in all we had such a great time and lots of laughs! Thanks to Marilyn and Danyelle for hooking me up with tickets. I enjoyed making some awesome memories!