Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Jack's joke for the day:
Why did the popsicle be quiet?
Because popsicles don't talk.

this week is a busy one, especially the weekend. We have soccer for cam, pack meeting, mutual, girls camp meetings, EQ mechanics party, and I have work. I'm a demonstrator for a dog food company and set up a table once a week at Petsmart demo'ing the dogfood. Hopefully it's easy. I'm not so much a salesman. But guarenteed hours and money is great. Mitch has an interview with Furniture Row today. That would be great if we got that too. So many things I want to buy lately, with the spring weather, makes me want to paint some furniture!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Last night we had a ward party to raise money for the yw in my ward for girls camp. I was the head of this event (as the first counselor) and it went awesome. I was so proud of the way the girls did with their desserts to be auctioned, authentic Mexican food (i even learned how to cook it), and the decor (mom's awesome flag idea) I'll post some pictures. Happy Mothers day to me. I'm taking it easy and doing nothing.

Cam had another soccer game this morn and he is becoming so aggressive. Whats also funny is he is actually understanding and comprehending the guidance Mitch and I and his coach give him. That's the cool part. Still a loss though.

After the game we came home and had a little birthday party for Brady. Dollar store toys and some cupcakes. It was good. I don't know what he wished for, but I wished him to have a not so naughty year.

We went to the house we will be house sitting for. Its a old big "chalet" type house and sits on a ton of acreage. We are so pumped. It'll be nice (after I move all her crap into a closet). I hope to be there by the end of the month. Allemans will have our Christmas there this winter. And I promise at least 3 feet of snow.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

*Camden is playing soccer this spring and is doing really well. His team keeps losing but he seems to enjoy it. He is playing pretty aggressive, but the coaches (young EWU students) want to confuse the kids with too much offensive/defensive stuff. Then in a game they are scared to go over the center line because that's not their position. Brady is on the sidelines kicking extra balls all over the place, that kid is gonna be good at sports!

*Jack is still sweet Jack. He has become really good at playing some computer games. He always asks over breakfast "when Brady takes a nap, can i play games on the computer?" Oh maaaan he's going to be hard to reign in.

*Brady is a terror! His birthday is Saturday (7th) and he will be 2. Sundays are the hardest. This Sunday he screamed "DRINK, DRINK, DRINK..." all the way out of the chapel. And all we packed in the diaper bag is markers. Perfect. We will have a small family birthday party on Saturday and his ideal party would be at the candy isle of the dollar store and a bike ride (he thinks he is big enough to ride Cams bike-and begs to everyday).

*Many of you heard, Boone passed away. He was just plain tired. He was a good dog and Mitch and i have been remembering some of the good times with Boone and trying to forget all the annoying. Thanks to mom and dad for putting him up for the last 8 months and giving him a couch to sleep on.

*Mitch is busy with Elders Quorum. He is planning a activity coming up: a ward mechanics workshop. They'll have all the guys come with things to fix on their cars and they all learn. The men are excited to "talk shop".

*I'm busy with YW. I'm in charge of getting our girls to CAMP and the registrations and i just completed that last night. And this weekend I'm chairing the ward Girls Camp dessert auction. We feed authentic Mexican food for donations and then girls bring desserts to auction off. I guess it does really well for covering their costs to camp and it should be a fun time. Just getting to the end and stressing about a few things.

*We fasted for the opportunity to live in this lady's house "house sitting" while she is in Seattle, and she called this morning and wants to meet us and show us the house. So we are being blessed big time! It will be such a great deal for us, and its BIG, and out in the trees (country) so the boys will have a blast running all over.

love you all.