Thursday, February 26, 2009

Happy Birthday Boy Boy.

(Darcie, Hollie, Katie, Jen, and Nan)

Its My little sister Katie's birthday today. I'll tell you a little about her...

1. She is seven years younger than me but we are closer in friendship.
2. She is uber talented at her vinyl business!
3. She has ALWAYS had super cute handwriting
4. She is such a great public speaker: She rocked in all of her FFA competitions
5. What a phenom at leading. People often want to be just like her, including me.
6. She is a great mom. Always patient and consistent with raising her kids.
7. She is great at decorating her house. She mimics the "pottery barn" look and doesn't even spend half the money (THAT'S talent).
8. She has lived many different places and can survive. I would not fare very well away from my family like she does.
9. She is a good athlete.
10. She makes friends SOOOOO easily.
11. She loves her husband so openly.
12. She is close to the spirit all the time.
13. She has more determination, and will power than I will ever know. When she sets her mind to something she DOES it.

I love that little Kit Kat. Happy Birthday! Come home soon.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Water DAMage

Mitch and his mom have taken on a new business. A Wholesale Nursery, it has been a total blessing and Mitch has found he is really pretty good at it already. But this last month we tried "too hard" to please a customer he used my front living room as a greenhouse. He lugged some plants/shrubs and a heavy duty tarp into the room. The purpose: to get them to bud out before the home show this weekend. About 2 weeks later they lugged em back out and delivered them to the landscaper. He was pleased they budded out and looked fine for the show, but my carpet didn't fare so well.
The tarp leaked all over and water sat in my carpet and pad for 2 weeks. Now my whole house stinks like wet dirt and mildew.
Yup, so this morning i went down to good ole Pasco Rents and rented a heavy duty carpet cleaner, and Dehumidifier. I pulled trim off the walls, and pulled back my carpet. I then shoved as many plastic garbage cans under the wet carpet (which is mega heavy) by kicking them with my feet, and I have two box fans going as fast as they can to circulate some air between carpet and pad. Hopefully i can dry it all out and the smell will go away. Uh, I hope.
I'm sure my nosy neighbors were thinking "what the heck is that 7 months pregnant girl doing scooting under her carpet in her living room?" (They could see right into my living room, 'cause my door is wide open-the stench! but its only 45 degrees out.)
So pray that this works, and if you feel like coming over and checking out our refrigerator of a house, and stinky one at that. Please do. Nothing like mildew to open the sinuses.

Pictures to come later

Sunday, February 15, 2009

A little Journaling

I'm just getting back into the swing of blogging. Yes, Mitch finally figured out the problem with our internet and he fixed it. He is such a handy guy. He can pretty much fix anything that is broken: cars, furniture, and computers. I'm so grateful to have it back.

Since its peaceful here in my home tonight (the boys are in bed), I think I'll do a little journaling like what Sara started on her blog. Here goes,

Outside my window: Its dark, and cold.

What I am thinking: How good our ward conference was today. That there are such inspired men and women in our stake who are leading us, and helping us progress in our callings and in life. I enjoyed President M's talk to the youth today. Especially good.

What I am thankful for: My body. I have always been strong and healthy. I can carry babies safely and can continue to have good health while I do it. I like to complain sometimes though, I'm sure all of you know. Today I'm 28 weeks along. That's like 7 months! This baby kicks and moves all the time. I'm sure he is healthy too.

From the kitchen: I cooked some chunks of chicken and Mitch and I threw together a chicken salad for dinner. It was super good. Mitch is the cook around here, I just feed people. If you want something to taste fab, you have Mitch season it.

I am wearing: No bra (Yay!) . Red ugly sweatpants that fall off all the time because I have to leave them untied (big belly), and my Hermiston Volleyball T-shirt from 2007.

I am going: To make sure I be more consistent on my prayers and scripture reading at night before bed. It's one of the challenges to the youth this year, and I should practice what I preach huh?

I am reading: Well, I finished the March Ensign today after church. But at greyhound when its slow I'm reading The Smoke Jumper by Nicolas Evans. I like his books, they usually take place in Montana and have some kinda cowboy or farm references in them.

I am hoping: My tax season goes well. I AM FINISHED! yup you read it right. I finished those horrible things on Saturday, now i just gotta download some stuff, put it on a memory stick and deliver to accountant.

I am hearing: My washing machine. I'm finally getting some clothes washed. Last week was busy.

Around the house: Mitch put up blinds in the guest bedroom yesterday. Now our nosy neighbors can't see straight in our house at night.

One of my favorite things: My blackberry phone. I know, I know, I'm not a techie. But when we switched carriers recently Mitch said I would like it. I do, I can get email and internet on it and it has come in handy MANY times already!

Plans for the week: ugghhhh, work at greyhound in Stanfield, and then this weekend at Pasco. Pray that my new guy learns quick.

Peace Out.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


This is me punching my self in the face....

I haven't had Internet for the last week and a half. It's killing me.

Please forgive the NON existent posting lately, but don't give up on me!

We just won the bid for the Stanfield/OR Greyhound. So I'm training a new guy at Pasco and Training myself in "Stand-still". I'm planning to catch up on my stalking so I might have to call a few of you to catch up on the phone before my Internet finally gets fixed (Mitch is working hard).

So Howdy from HickTown and I'll be seein' ya soon.