Monday, April 27, 2009

NO baby yet...

I'm sure you're all tired of hearing me complain....oh wait this is MY BLOG huh? Guess I can do what I want.
Dr put me on the books for Friday May 8th inducement if this baby doesn't want to come before then. And believe me he will. If I have to run a marathon to get him to come. I'm getting more and more uncomfortable at night and during the day. That reminds me, I need to pack a bag with some stuff I'll need at the hospital, and buy a bottle of Castor oil.
Last weekend Mitch planted some landscaping that has been sitting in our driveway for a couple of weeks. He also fixed some broken sprinklers and the yard is shaping up for spring. He mentioned that he likes watching a plant go from small to large in coming years. I wish it was full grown when we plant it that way everything is just DONE. But that's my impatient-ness coming through.
Cam is excited for school to end so he can just swim all day long. This last weekend the "bike-riding" thing finally clicked and he is riding like crazy! He has a few skinned knees and face to prove it.
Jack is fighting a cold with me and hopefully we are kicking this crud.
Planned for Today: A trip to Spokane to do some 2nd hand store shopping at some of the Alleman's favorite shops!
Have a good week.

PS- A special SHOUT OUT to my GAL Sarah. She had a Birthday yesterday! Hopefully Riley got her more than a cell phone charger this year.

Monday, April 20, 2009

All the stress is over. I'm officially taking it easy the last 3 weeks of this pregnancy. All the parties and YW activities that I have to plan are over. I'm gonna get my hair done, my feet done, and go shopping. The next couple weeks are filled with track meets/practices and dr. appointments. Bring on the spring and this new baby, I'm ready!

(I've got to buy a small cheap camera. Our big one is broke and wouldn't you know the place we bought it went out of business and won't honor their warranty now.)

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Horrible Mom ALERT

Cam's first tooth fell out yesterday and he was so excited to have the Tooth Fairy come last night. Guess who couldn't make it?

I know- Kill me now.

Monday, April 13, 2009


Sorry It's been so long since I updated. We have had a busy two weeks. I'll try to give a little run down of whats been going on...

>Went to Salt Lake City, and enjoyed conference weekend. We hung out with family, played, shopped, and ate. We got to see Kate/Dan and the kids. The boys were pretty good driving down and Mitch and I actually got tickets to Sunday afternoon session. It was a cool experience. Jen came with us so we sat down where the hearing impaired sit (which is pretty dang close) and the talks were great. Thanks Jen/Dave for letting us invade your house! I also experienced Cafe Rio for the first time, that was SUPER GOOD too. Anyone got some capital I could borrow to open another restaurant up here?

>The night before we left Utah, 3 people in the house got the stomach flu. Cam and Jack got hives and Jack ended up throwing up for the next 4 days. He couldn't keep anything down. So all the way home and for the next week, he just wanted held. So we caught up on rental movies and tried to drink gatorade. He finally perked up last Friday and I think we're out of the woods. Thank Heavens that crud is gone. Now I can finally open up mail and clean my house.

>Mitch's 31st birthday was on April 8th. He really had a birthday week and was pretty much spoiled by his family and friends. He's had lunches and dinners out, and many gifts. He really deserves it, he has been working his guts out for the nursery and is still running most nights. He is also busy with YM in our ward and is a great father. I appreciate all he does for me and the boys. Happy Birthday Barg.

>Cam had his first Hurricane Track meet. We signed him up for the Javelin (don't worry they are spongey), the Long Jump, and a 50m sprint. We found out how many kids like the Long Jump (too many) and Cam decided all he wants to do is run in the next meet. No argument here! He wasn't even tired that night afterward. It wasn't really a track meet more like a stand-in-line-and-wait-your-turn-meet. So next week he is running: 100M, 200M, and 400M...We'll see how tired he is after that.

>Easter was good. I had to teach in YW and that pretty much stressed me out all week, but I think it went fine. We ate a super dinner at Tami's and the kids loved to see their cousins. Jack and Cam ate as much candy as they could get their little hands on.

>I'm pretty much on the backstretch (track lingo) with the pregnancy. I keep getting that comment "any day right?". Nope I got at least 3 weeks. The baby is on track size wise and I'm starting to feel huge and uncomfortable. My preg clothes no longer fit and that really bums me out. I still gotta get some "nesting" stuff done before this "no-name" baby comes. Yup, that's right- there is still no name agreed by both parties involved. Any input or ideas would be appreciated.

I'll try to do better on posting and keep the updates coming. Our million dollar camera broke and Circuit city won't fix it 'cause they went out of that's why there are NO pictures lately. That's on my list too.

Love ya all- Peace out.

PS-if you are in my ward: don't forget about the baby shower at my house on Sat morning for those ladies who just had babies. It should be fun!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Out of Towners

We are headed to Utah for our semiannual trip to my sisters house. We go (usually) every conference and visit. While we are there we take on many remodeling projects and hang out and thrift store shop. Its such a fun vacation, and this time we have some tickets for conference. I've never been. However, I hope the weather warms up and melts the inches of snow in Utah!