Monday, May 25, 2009

Brady is 2 weeks old

Brady is my most alert baby at this stage. He loves the sound of his brothers voices and you can just see the wheels turn in his head. He definitely remembers their sound. He eats pretty good but we still are trying to establish some kind of a schedule. He is a go baby. Doesn't mind running errands and doing greyhound work. Brady is happy most of the time but when he cries he is stinking loud. We love him and sure think he's a keeper.

Thursday, May 14, 2009


Thanks for all those of you who have brought dinners, brought gifts, visited, and sent well-wishes. We are in the process of healing. And mom and baby are doing well. Brady is gaining weight really fast and is getting into a good sleeping pattern already. We didn't plan a whole lot for the next two weeks and we are enjoying just chilling at home catching up on our talk shows and soaps.

(I just realized how little pictures I have of him.
I need to get the camera out and snap away. How fast they grow!)

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mothers Day

Our new addition to our family came on May 7th 8:41am.
Brady Walker Mathews
7lbs. 9oz. 19.5 inches.
Such a good baby. Jack and Cam adore him and cant wait to teach him how to wrestle. We are at home recovering after a C-Section. It's gonna kill me to have to take my time healing and not be so anxious to get back into life.

I'm thankful for a Great Mom who teaches me how to be a mom everyday.
I'm thankful for family who sacrifice for me.
I'm thankful for good friends who are so thoughtful despite my faults.
I'm thankful for medical miracles and advances that let us have safe deliveries and bring such cute spirits into the world.
I'm thankful for Heavenly Father who allows me to have these spirits in my home.

Monday, May 4, 2009


Baby is still in my belly. I'm having weak contractions throughout the day though. They will induce me on Friday if there is no change (Hopefully Kadlec won't be full and turn me away-that makes for a MAD pregnant lady.) I'm gonna try to get my chores done and not think about it. Will that make the week go faster? I hope.

Until then...