Thursday, June 30, 2011

If this was us, we'd be rich!!!

This reminds me of my sisters! (except Only about 3 can really sing) Each one has a personality and each is different, but yet they are all cohesive! I love my sisters.

check out these girls on youtube.

Monday, June 13, 2011

I got a new calling the other day: YW president for Cheney 2nd ward. I am overwhelmed for sure. The amount of pressure, and thoughts that go through my head is crazy. I can definitely feel the mantle of this calling. Ever since I was called to do it my mind races all day long, and its funny that I don't have any more time or desire to watch my favorite TV shows or movies. Guess who is teaching me a lesson...
The boys are good. Jack is still obsessed with the DS and asks me all day long when "Brady is going to take a nap" because thats the time designated for him to play. Cam still has 4 more days of school....uggggghhhh. I would like him home to entertain his brothers! This summer we will go to some free movies, and now that Tiffany got an apartment in a complex with a pool, we will be permanent residents there also.
Mitch got a job with furniture row outlet, but promptly quit when another came up that was closer to Cheney. He works for the recycle dept on campus and loves it. Its kinda chill, but also gets to drive around campus in a big truck being dirty. So its perfect.
The house we wanted to rent, kinda fell through so we will stay here in the trailer until something Awesome pops up. But until then, we WILL be happy living on top of each other...right?
New phone number for me is: 509-440-1803