Monday, March 8, 2010

Confession: I never take "professional" pictures of my kids...even at Walmart. Yup I'm super lame. I just always see the trouble of it instead of the GREAT payoff after they're done. But I finally got them into a friend of ours who owns his own photography business.
Dang, my kids are cute.
Shameless advertising pitch: Call Damon Fairchild Photography! He does a great job with kids and families (and its that time for your high schooler's senior portraits). His studio is close by, on Gway in Richland and has a number of cool backgrounds, or does beautiful outside shots too! I also heard he is running a sale, 30% off in the month of March. Call him TODAY: 509-727-3671.
Definitely Worth It!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

SPY party

Camden turned 7 at the end of January. I wanted to post this and show how talented my mom and sister are. Mom and Hollie did a "SPY" birthday for Cam and he loved it. Kids showed up to a spy training facility and did activities that had anything to do with spying. They made these cute brief cases out of pizza boxes and the kids took home their loot inside them. The boys took fingerprints, drew chalk bodies on the driveway, searched for lost jewels, tracked animal prints, and a treasure hunt.
It was a success! The kids loved it and especially Cam.
That party he will remember for sure. And he might even remember that his own mom made it up, I might get the credit for that one. Ha ha.