Friday, June 18, 2010

New England Trip: Day 2

After waking up the day after Newport RI, we loaded up and drove to NYC (actually somewhere in CT and caught a train and subway) into Times Square. We stayed in the Hilton in Times Square and got a screamin' deal. We were total TOURISTS! Taking pictures everywhere, and eating everything. Loved the noise and smells! We ate a super meal at Bobby Flay's restaraunt Mesa Grill, had great seats for Phantom of the Opera, saw ground zero, Statue of Liberty, and stayed up late out on the streets!

Monday, June 14, 2010


This has meant a little more this past year as my brother-in-law is in the Air force and has learned he will be deploying tomorrow (Tues) for Iraq. I just wanted him to know we love him and appreciate his service for our country. He is an EXPERT air traffic control "guy" and America should be so grateful for a guy like him. We will keep his family loved, busy, and entertained while he is gone and will return them safe when he comes home.
Thanks Dan.
Serve strong, good, and fast.

Monday, June 7, 2010

New England Trip

To sum it all up: I had a BLAST.
My roommates from Ricks and I met for a week on the East coast. We did so much and had so much fun. We reverted back to our 18 year old self and played like giddy school girls. We remembered old inside jokes and even talked in our own language. Thanks to Manda for arranging and packing our week with non-stop fun. Also thanks to all the husbands, kids, and careers that were put on hold so we could do this fabulous trip.

Day 1: Newport RI. Tour of the mansions on the coast. These picts are of the "Breakers". This is where the Vanderbilts summered. What a life huh? It was a beautiful home, but you couldn't take pictures inside. It was crazy to see the rooms used to have lavish parties and even the special hallways where servants would restock closets.

Then off to the beach. It was windy and only about 70 degrees but that didn't stop us from experiencing the Atlantic Ocean. People looked at us like we were crazy. We pretty much are. We bought some grubbin lobster, had it steamed, and ate in our super nice hotel room. It was sooooooo good. We ate it without the proper utinsils though. So we had lobster juice squirting all over the place, trying not to hit ash (she's allergic- swells up like Hitch). No trips to ER thank heavens.

stay tuned....

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Im back

WE HAD A BLAST in New England.

Now back to reality!

Picts to come soon...