Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Year in Pictures.

New Years resolution: no more lame posts.
so here are some pictures of some things that happened this year. We have been busy!

(Darn blogger makes them out of order)

Me and Kate in Phoenix at some fiiiine shopping in September.
Jacks dirty face in December.
Brady bathing at seven months.

Levenworth trip in October.

Dan and Nan admiring some cacti on Mesa Temple grounds.


Cam at pumpkin patch.

My Ricks pals at Education Week in August. (Ashleigh, and Amanda)

Fall Volleyball, sister Darc BLOCKIN'.

4th of July parade (auntie Jen and uncle Dave came)

Blessing of baby Brady.

Brady at his first dust devils baseball game (grandpa holding).

Poolside with aunt Marilyn, and Denise.

Farm Chicks Antique show in Spokane (coming up soon!)

Swimming at Grami's pool.

Annual Memorial Day at the Hermiston Cemetery.

Grandkids at Papas Ranch in Ione, OR.

Cams 6th birthday (Jan 21)

Cam holding a yukky reptile

Brand new baby in May

boys at the last day of kindergarden.

Friday, January 8, 2010

A New Year

Yup its that time again. The bain of my existence, the thing that makes me want to punch myself in the neck, drum roll please....


Man, most people are excited to start a new year and make great resolutions- lose weight, be more organized, more patience. I could use all of these qualities to keep sane during this horrid time of year. Sorting through stacks of files for each month and receipts, oh the receipts! Every year I vow to keep up on it. Every year I fail.

But this year is different. Without Greyhound and UPS it should be easier right? This coming year will prove to be a NEW challenge learning what is a write off while you have a husband in college. So pray for me and call every once in a while to see if my kids are fed and I'm not dead underneath my fallen filing cabinet.

Happy New Tax Year.