Wednesday, May 28, 2008


Good Ole Memorial Day.
Perfect weekend for hanging out with family and celebrating our Country. The Alleman's have certain traditions for this special day, but this year we had a twist. Our family business (HSEO Humane Society of Eastern Oregon/Pet Rescue) just recently remodeled and so we had a open house. Girl Scouts were there to man the game booths, my sister did face painting, and Mitch manned the grill. It was a great success.

(Mitch painted this on Darcie, they want to do a booth at the county fair and charge tons of moolah-they hoping to make millions)
Grandma Gay was in charge of the petting zoo. That's her prize alpaca "Damien" (as in the devil) and her prize great grandkids (angels).
Every Memorial Day, we spend the morning at the Hermiston Cemetery. They have a little concert/memorial and we all get a little emotional remembering the troops and their families.
Then we walk the graves and visit all our family members (we have a lot there- ) Jack wanted to spin these the whole time. He also liked the graves with little figurines, little toys he could play with.

Remembering our ancestry and the people who serve and sacrifice for us to have the "little things" we need to live here in the U.S.A. That's the real reason we celebrate. FAMILY.

Peace Out.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Substitute Teacher

Today class, since your regular teacher Mrs. Music Lot is under the weather, I will be taking her place.

Today we are learning about my favorite new artist: Sara Bareilles.

What a gal! Her new album "Little Voice" comes out today.

Her first single "Love Song" hit super heights, and her second one "Bottle it Up" is on its way.

Mitch and I are seeing her in concert this summer with Maroon 5, and Counting Crows.

Yes be jealous.

Class dismissed.

Okay, Scratch that. My sister made it known to me that everyone already has this album and I'm just a little behind the times (what can you expect, look where I grew up). I was a little eager and didn't do my reporting. Guess I'm Fired!

Friday, May 16, 2008


I've been in a post funk lately. Haven't really had anything to write about, so I'll send some links out to the blog world and let you know of some of the peeps I visit on a daily basis.

Flibbie- go here, this is what I've been up to.

My super cool sis- I love to hear what's she's doing, and making. Go here for awesome vinyl ideas.

Pioneer Woman- This lady cracks me up and I LIVE for her posts.

Crazy Lady- She is incredible.

Jing- What an Woman. I grew up with this gal in "small town" Idaho.

Farm Chicks- I'll be there on June 7.

Ed Week- I'm going here too. I can't wait!

These three sisters- so funny.

And the rest of you, Meeyatch and I check everyday, or every hour. We love to keep in contact with friends and people we've grown to love. If I didn't include you on my list- don't worry. We have like 40 websites on our list and we love to "stalk". Keep up the good work, I'll be watching.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Newest Buble Fan

Tonight Mitch was messing with his new iPod. He got a new cable in the mail so he could play it on his annoying surround sound. He asked me what I wanted to hear and of course, I said Michael Buble. Surprised that he actually put Buble on his iPod, the smooth voice of Buble soon played over the speakers. Not realizing that I'm not the only Buble fan in the house, this video shows Jack rocking out while Mitch fed him his dessert. Check out Jack's sweet moves. It's less than two minutes, watch the whole thing.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Windy Washing

Its good to be back. Last weekend was a doozy. I helped @ the Richland Prom take pictures for Reallife Photography, and then the next couple nights stayed out till 2am processing those Pict's. All so the little devils would have their poses back sooner to trade with their friends. I saw some interesting things and remembered what it was like to obsess about a dress, date, and dance. That's a whole different post.

So I've been recovering from that and trying to figure out what I would get the special moms in my life for mothers day. I got the itch to move my family room furniture around, but then couldn't do that without cleaning my windows first. They were filthy! So I recorded the experience and will share it with you.

All you need is one dirty house and windows. Can you see the line down the middle? The half on the left has already been sprayed.

Supplies: dry rag, wet rag, Windex, Ladder, FABULOUS little blade thingy (dollar store -right Kim?) and one of these...

KARTCHNER water pressure kit $60 bucks @ Big Lots. Mitch got it for me for my birthday last year. I absolutely love this machine. It sprays the heck out of stuff, has the power just a little less than a car wash nozzle. I spray everything with this including the side of my house and the windows. One of my favorite things is to spray the window screens with it. It cleans them so good you hardly notice them there!

Stop laughing at my picture. I was working dang it!

Anywho, So washing windows is pretty...dare I say it?...Fun. There I said it. Yup I enjoyed it. So happy mothers day MOM, TAMI, and MARILYN. You have won the services of me and my yellow bee machine (Heck- I think I would wash for anyone if you had some brownies, or cinnamon rolls waiting for me after I was done). I think you are the best Moms in the world. You give of yourselves every minute and never complain. I love you. I'll be down this Sat and next week to grace you with my presence.

And to those who have to wash your own windows, I wish you the best of luck. You will love it. I know I do.