Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Fresh Summer

Locals go
for some great info on
UPICK Blueberries

We love em around here!

Friday, June 19, 2009

My Civic Duty

I'm going to cut to the chase...

I do NOT want Planned Parenthood in my neighborhood, and 60 feet away from my children's elementary school.

This was the issue last night at the city hall planning committee meeting. Kim and I went to support those against it. But I didn't realize it was going to be such a HOT issue.

Please hop over to KIMS blog to read all about it.

However I did something I thought I'd NEVER do and that is raise my hand and voice my opinion. I walked calmly up to the podium (Brady in my arms), state my name and address for the record, and with my voice quivering told everyone how I felt. For me that was the scariest thing I've done EVER. Scarier than getting on my 2 year old unbroke arabian horse for the first time. Scarrier than bearing your testimony in stake conference. Scarrier than having an emergency c-section. I kept to the point: that my children attend the elementary school and I was already worried about the saftey of them walking across Court street, and I didn't want the added danger of a conterversial business being right next door. I also said there are plenty of buildings in Pasco to utilize and they didn't need to be in the one next to this school and my neighborhood. I urged the council to vote against the permit and said thank you and sat down.

Mom you would've been proud.

Afterward I felt so empowered! I was on a high, I wanted to go fight some more fights, run a million miles, or scream from the top of my lungs! Kim and I settled for a diet Dr. Pepper at my house venting to Mitch. It was a great night.
As for the permit. We won't know for another month. I'll keep you updated. Pray for us, that this horrible "non-profit" business will not win over the hearts of the people who make these important decisions.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

June update

Everyone go out and buy a surge protector!

Every time the electricity goes out (and its been a lot in my neighborhood lately), our router shuts down and Internet goes off. Mitch doesn't have time to power it back up and so my blogs are neglected for a week or more. Finally its back on and my life can continue.

A few updates for y'all:

Couple of weekends ago us girls made a trip to the Farm Chicks Antique show in Spokane. We had a ball and bought too much stuff. So much that the back of the van was packed and I sat on the floor on the way home. Good finds though!

Cam graduated from Kindergarten this past month. He is sure glad to be done, not that he hates school, he just loves to play and swim in the pool with his cousins and summer couldn't come fast enough.

Some of my close friends were pregnant this year too and we got the babies together and have a little mommy brunch. Its so crazy how fast they grow. Brady is in the middle. He is 6 weeks old on Thursday.

Brady with his cousin Elyse.

Jack is getting so big. He has learned how to count numbers, recognize some letters, sing, and tease Cam to get what he wants. We can't believe how smart he is- and he always has a dirty face. ALWAYS.

And this summer we have been "re-vamping" the yard. Mitch has been bringing home plants and trees like crazy. He has learned that it is hard work to do shrub beds and plant them. So if you drive by our house and see a bunch of plants still in their pots sitting along the house, squint your eyes and pretend they are already planted. Now our yard looks great doesn't it?

Mitch and Darcie say "Hi".

Have a good summer!

Friday, June 5, 2009


Yay for sunshine, and pools.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Our Internet has been cranky lately. It is deciding to work and not to work some days. So it's been a while since I posted and surfed. I've also been blank on what to post and talk about, all the usual around here, so I thought I'd let you in on my Internet stalking habits. When my Internet comes back after its short sabbaticals these are some of the blogs and websites I rush to check.
(in no particular order...)