Thursday, December 20, 2007

Banda Raye's B-Day

Apparently, everyone I know has a birthday in December.

So here is birthday post #2:

Introducing Banda Raye

(names have been changed to protect the innocent):


-Hill Cumorah Pageant veteran

-Awesome Mommy

-"Martha" clone

-Travels the world

-Long and Lean

-Makes Stuffed Shells like you wouldn't believe

-Is a practicing Psychologist/Therapist

-Did I mention SMART!

-Well read

-Speaks with proper english

(what would you expect growing up in Conn-ect-ti-cut)

-Married the "hottie" in our ward that EVERYONE wanted

-Hard worker

-Great money handler

-Super friend

These are tender times in my life, my years at Ricks College. And as I was looking through photo albums for this post, it reminded me of the innocence and excitment of those seasons. So, I vow to post some more memories and relive those moments again thru future blogging.

Here's some to honor one of my best friend. I hope things are well with you and that you have a Wonderful birthday.

I love you Manda.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Rats a Rood One Ratalie...

So its that time of year again, when Nat turns another year older.
For those of you who don't know her,
I'll let you in on some little "Nat secrets":
-She's a fashion diva
-She's AWESOME at her calling
-She's such a great mom. She volunteers at her kids school every week.
-She loves her family.
-She has a newer cool paid off car.
-She has a cute decorated house.
-Her dog loves her.
-She is a total BLOG STALKER.
-She is a super listener.
-She is stinkin' hilarious, always got a joke.
Nat, from all of us who know you past, present and future:
Happy Birthday you're a SUPER GAL!

Monday, December 10, 2007


Merry Christmas everyone.
Our family has been busy decorating, working, wrapping, and shopping. Work has slowed down for me since my employee can ride the hound all by herself now, but we have more on the agenda. Our next project is the WARD PARTY this Friday-Mitch and I will be smoking us some pork loin!
Stop on by.

Saturday, December 1, 2007

My Golden Birthday.

Birthday "Week" was FANTASTIC!
I am so lucky to have such good friends, family, and a husband who pampered me all week long. Thank you to all.

I'll explain my fun filled week using the wonderful world of digital imagery.

Mitch took me to Seattle for 2 days, We ate at the Icon Grill. It was a nice restaurant, and had really fancy food. This is us in front of the fountain inside the eatery.

Mitch had the Famous Molasses Covered Meatloaf, I had the red potato encrusted hallibut. Pretty yummy!

Gotta have a cherry coke too.

Mitch also got me tickets to the Sonics game that night. We walked from our hotel room to dinner, then to the Key Arena, then back. Everything was close and in downtown so we wouldn't have to pay for parking. He is so SMART. But too bad it rained all day and night.

This was a fun date- if you ever are looking for things to do in Seattle hook yourself up with Sonics tickets, even the nosebleed seats were awesome.

Mitch begged me to take a picture of him and the Sonics dancers, he was throwing such a fit, I caved. They felt sorry for him and agreed. Lucky Mitchie.

The next day I got to go shopping at IKEA, and the North Bend Outlet stores. I spent way too much time and money in both of those places.

When I got home, I found this on my front door. Girls who will remain nameless are going to pay for this later, I think one of their birthday's is coming up soon. You know what they say "Paybacks are a..."
Lucky me.

The next day those same silly girls who "decorated" my front door, took me out for a ladies night the following evening. We had a blast shopping at a christmas bazaar, and eating everything in Olive Garden. LOVED IT.

Thanks everyone, I appreciate all your friendship and love. I haven't been the bestest friend lately and I'm humbled by all the kindness shown to me of late.
Thank You.

I think 28 is going to be great.