Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Things are going good here in the Eastern side of the state. Mitch and I have new callings in our ward. He is the webelos leader and I'm the Scout Committee Chairman (whatever that is?). These are both new callings for us, but Im reassured that with my ward planning parties, that i'll be doing the same thing but just for the Pack meeting each month. It'll be great. At least i'll have something to do.
We've enjoyed getting to know one of Mitch's younger cousins lately too. She is in her 2nd year up here and is one of the coolest girls I know. She babysits in exchange for food too (what a good deal for us!). Tiff and I even walk in the mornings for an hour together.
The boys are doing good. Cam talks about kids that are his "friends" at school, so I know he is liking it. He rides the bus home after school and has made friends with a special needs boy 2 houses down. He has a social worker who comes over everyday to work with him and I ended up in a conversation with him. He is from Mozambique AND went to BYU in provo. He is a member of the church? crazy small world. He said that Braxton has been taking leaps and bounds socially since Cam and him hang. Camden doesn't even know he is doing his missionary work. Jack and Brady are still my buddies at home. Since my life has slowed down, we take naps every afternoon and love it. We went to the park today and Camden met a Russian family. And its funny how camden always convinces the kids to play "chase" and Camden is never it.
I sent the signed papers in to close on the sale of our house. Bittersweet.
Things are good!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Best Date Ever

Mitch and I drove to Pullman to see Brian Regan. It was a BLAST. He was so funny! He did new jokes and then in the encore he took requests. We happened to buy our tickets like 2 seconds earlier than Mitch's cousins and ended up sitting next to them at the show. What are the odds? Huge auditorium sold out and all of Mitch's cousins are sitting behind us! Crazy.
We also stopped over in Moscow for a quick tour of the law school there. Mitch met some really good people and got some great information. We are narrowing our list of schools to apply to and now the prayers start. He will start applying next week as soon as he writes a personal statement. And boy it better be good! We'll keep you updated.
Thanks to Tami for driving up and watching the boys in our little trailer so we could go.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Things here are good.
A little on the boring side though. Not having a job and two callings make for a slow day. Cam goes to school and Jack, Brady and I pick up the house and watch cartoons for a hour or so. Then lunch, naps, play outside, nightly walk to a park, then bed. We mix in lots of trips to the library and dollarstore. Hopefully things pick up once we get settled into a schedule again. Mitch starts school next Wednesday and then we will be busy applying to law schools. When we went to Pullman last weekend, we drove over to Moscow, ID and checked out UofI's law program. It looked good, and Mitch got lots of info to help guide him. I wanted to watch the girls season home opener volleyball against Montana. I think that'll be the most fun this winter is watching college sports again. When I was a kid living here, I remember my dad taking us to the ewu boys basketball games. It was super fun and got us out of the house, I hope to take in some ball games.
Our new ward was small. Many people i recognize from before and most of those people remembered my parents and asked about our family. Bishop came over and visited after church and asked about our "strengths". So i expect a calling soon. Thats good, because I could use some meetings, Im having withdrawl.
We are still super blessed and things are going well.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

New baby

Not mine!
My lil sis had her baby last night. Dan got to skype thru the whole thing, and mom and baby are doing great!
Afton Kate Hochhalter
7lbs 15 oz
22 inches long!

Yay katie.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

My Camden had his first day at school yesterday. He is in Mrs. VanHorn's class and sits by a boy named Romeo. He walked home from school by himself already. When the weather gets bad we will end up driving but he loves feeling like a big kid. Mrs. VanHorn said he is her 26th student and they will have to ship some kids to another elem. school. I kinda had to laugh because we come from Psd where the limit to a classroom was like 35 or something.
Jack dressed up like he was going to school too. He was so excited to walk cam to class but then we had to go home and he was kinda bummed. We'll be doing lots of preschool printouts and library visits, that's for sure.