Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Come out, Come out, wherever you are

Everyone for the sun shining: Squint.
I know I definitely am ready!

Monday, January 26, 2009

My baby Camden is 6.
He is getting so old.

He is:
A Good helper
fab big brother
likes Garfield movie
anything Lego's
runs around spying-ALL the time
has a super imagination
follows directions
and obeys his parents

We had lots of parties this week to celebrate and he loves ALL the gifts he got. Thanks to all.

Monday, January 19, 2009


Growing up my mom was a morning person, we would all get up and get our chores done and then get ready for school. Even in the summer we didn't sleep past 8am EVER. I remember sleeping overnight at my friends house and laying in my sleeping bag WAITING, and WAITING for my buddy to wake up so we could go downstairs and eat breakfast (I am also a breakfast person-gotta have it). Even on days I set my alarm to wake up at a certain time, I'll wake up every hour and check the clock making sure I didn't sleep through the alarm (like that would ever happen). So I guess I'm trained to be a morning person. I like to get my errands done in the morning and relax in the afternoon. I just feel so much better that way.

This last week I had a busy week, something planned everyday that I needed to do and of course planned it for the AM. Today I had nothing and thought how nice it would be to sleep in this morning...nope. No luck. My body just does not do it, no matter how tired I am or how late I went to bed last night. So those of you who CAN sleep in, do it for me. Get a few extra ZZZZ's and tell me how it feels. I'm dying to know.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

see ya on the flip side

I got my chores done yesterday, so for a treat
I'm gonna head to Hemroid today.
My mom and Sandy are sewing me some maternity skirts for church-Yay!!!
Ya gotta love going HOME once in a while.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The wind BLOWS

Sorry, I have been a little non-existent lately in cyberspace space. Due to a nasty virus in our home PC (which Mitch had to wipe the whole thing clean), we are just now getting back to normal. Just some things that have kept us busy the last two weeks:

New Years parties
Appointments, Appointments, Appointments...
Bus Schedule changes and cancellations (where's that global warming when you need it?)
Employee quitting (guess who is back to work)
dirty house
dirty boys
2:30pm church
and TAXES! and you all know how much I love that.

Hope things are well with you all. I'm hoping to get to my blog stalking soon.
Be Seeing ya. Nan.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Want a little taste of deaf culture...

So many of you know that I grew up in a family with 2 deaf siblings. Growing up in a family that had this situation has some interesting things. Like we have our own "deaf inside jokes". Someday I'll have to go into some of those...
But for now, jump over to my older sisters blog and read a little of what her life is like when you're picking out names for new babies. I thought this was hard for couples who were hearing, let alone someone who spent years in speech therapy to later have a brother in law named Mitch and not "b--ch".