Wednesday, August 27, 2008

School Days

I'm sure everyone and their dog will post about their children's first day of school,
so I will just post a few picts and make it short and sweet.

ps-I didn't cry.

pps- My husband is published. So proud. Check here for article.

Monday, August 25, 2008

My leper baby

If any of you blessed people have met Jack, you would know that his eczema is a phenom for doctors. And the boy unfortunately has a little of his momma in him. He picks. In the car, at home, in his high chair, in his bed. So I had an Epiphany this last week. I was in the Horse care aisle at Ranch and Home, and I saw VET WRAP. I thought: Of course! That stuff is wonderful for keeping horses out of a sore. Why not a little boy. Its the greatest stuff. It only sticks to itself, and it takes some pretty tricky maneuvering to get it off. So I stocked up. Now when I medicate the kid, I'll just VET WRAP him up and he'll stay out of it.
So when you see me in Winco, with my kid looking like he has a double fracture, just know its hurting me more than it hurts him.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The boy has been busy...

This is the fun thing Jack found to do while Mommy was busy cleaning.
He is in the Talented and Gifted program.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

BYU ed week

So I've been back for a week now, and I'm finally able to take some time and write a little about my trip. I don't think I'll write too much though, I'll probably just post all my picts and tell a little about each one. So sit back and enjoy.

I went back to Rexburg for Ed week and also some BYUI alumni ambassador training. I had a blast. I met up with some old roommates, old girls camp friends, and families that I haven't seen for AGES. We attended some GREAT classes, and we ate a LOT too.

Shout Out to Jeremy (girls camp friend/Gooding Gal) for hosting such a WONDERFUL conference. I enjoyed all the presentations and all the food. Man did we eat! We have got to get a Johnny Carinos around here!

Jill - Thanks for putting up with me all weekend. And thanks to Dan for watching the kids so I could steal Jill away....Oh wait...Shanna had the kids...then thanks for waterskiing without us.

Me, showing where I gained my Freshman 15. And WHERE I gained it.

Athena, Jill, & Nan in front of our door #265 cooking dorm #3. We are missing our beloved Amanda (lives in CT.) she couldn't make it for our little reunion. We did the thing we said we would never do...we walked up to the door (it was open-like old times) and asked the kids inside if we could look around and that we "lived there a LONG time ago 10 years to be exact and would like to take a picture". Some girls did that to us when we were @ Ricks and we thought that was soooo dumb.

My apartment my second year @ Ricks. Here lives good or not so good memories, like the time I was practicing my baseball swing and hit the sheetrock and broke a hole in the wall, or the time when we threw a waterballoon at some "cute couple" and the guy ran upstairs and punched our window out. Good times.

"Mini Conference center" is being built right where the girls softball fields used to be. This building will seat 18,000 people, just shy of the real conf center at 22,000. This will also house 10 more basketball courts. It's so when the prophet comes to speak, everyone may listen. Watched many football games here. Remember Ricks Rocks? Good old "cool" hangout. Therefore we hung out here...oh...I think...once or twice.

Nan, Jill (Gooding Gal), Beana (roommate from MN), Jamie (Gooding Gal), in front of the Rexburg temple. They were having a wedding right then and were hogging all the good picture sites. You know it's busy when the wedding was earlier than 9am in the morning. Sorry this is sideways, but its Jill in front of a hort project she helped build.
Picture from the off ramp into Rexburg. Temple waaaaayyyy off in the distance. New Applebees in the foreground.

Jillie, Bean lips, and Jamie (said like Hy-mie) in front of the New Spori building. I took the picture and I had about 12 blisters on my feet from walking for 3 days straight.

The Rexburg Temple. Beautifully located at the top of the hill. We used to call the Taylor building the "Taylor Temple" because it was new, and big, but now we'll have to find a new name. Pres Henry J. Eyring spoke to the ambassadors and said that when they landscaped the new campus parts they make sure to point all sidewalks toward the temple. Pretty Cool huh. Yes, I took the picture.

Good old campus catering. This was post salad, pre meal...slightly pre dessert.

Bean, you look like you could be Bella from the vampire novels. Of course, after she became a vampire. What the heck kind of a look is that? And Jill wants to know if she can finish your food. You won't have any need for it anyway...

Jeremy (old Gooding Stake/girls camp friend) is over the ambassadors and worked her booty off to make sure we were fed everyday like 8 times. I haven't laughed my guts out that hard in years. She is a hoot! For those of you Vikings: Jeremy was the voice of Ricks' local radio station during the years of 98-00, she can sure spin some soothing/lovely/peaceful music.
On the way home, we stopped in Twin Falls to meet up with the Koyles (Gooding family), and we attended the new temple's open house. It was so great. This is me taking the camera away from Jill's brother Jaxson. Dale Parsons painted the mural in the Endowment room there (& Rexburg) and It was the most perfect painting I have ever seen.

View from the front of the Twin Falls Temple. Hi to Mickelsons who live there now. We miss you.

Okay, I'm only posting this picture because it was a perfect one to end on, but can you tell I'm the picture taker. My double chin is screaming it to the world. Wouldn't you know there is NO ONE AROUND when you want to take a group one.

Thanks to my wonderful husband who made it possible for me to visit my girls. He kept things going at home, so I wouldn't worry. Okay, okay, a little. Thanks Bargie.

I loved my experience @ Ricks and would do it 10 times over if I had to. I made the best-est friends there and felt the spirit of the gospel so strong. I still do. The spirit of Ricks is still on the campus of BYUI and is a wonderful place to get an education, and feel the strength of your brothers and sisters.

Now for the pitch: I'm an Alumni Ambassador for BYUI and learned of all the great things that are changing there. The new learning model, the track system, and all of the super scholarships, and resources there are. I would love to do a fireside, or come talk to perspective students or even mutual aged kids to get them excited to attend church schools. Email me and we can chat about it.

Viking Power!


Monday, August 4, 2008


I'll do a post reporting all the fun I had in Eastern Idaho, but first I must work. Can't wait to get into my schedule again. See you soon...