Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Darcie Alleman senior night.

Last home game in the DAWG HOUSE. Bittersweet.

See the ref with a huge mop of red hair? Yeah she hates Hermiston with a passion and she isn't ashamed to show it. The last girl of the Alleman legacy to have to listen to her rotten calls and see her giant booty up on that stand.


We love you bop. Good job sticking with it all four years.
You are a super Athlete.


Katie @ Cowboy Phraseology said...
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Katie @ Cowboy Phraseology said...

Wow! I a real tear almost fell down my cheek! It never occurred to me that mom and dad would have no more kids left to play there. How sad! But another chapter closed, and another one opening for them.

Great job, darcie, I am so proud that you stuck it out. i admire you for that. you will go far in life if you learn early that you CAN do hard things, and accomplish them. i love you.

Sarah said...

I think I recognize that ref, can't believe she's still around. Good job Darcie! Can't believe she's a senior. Your parents have put in lots of time in that gym!

Jackie said...

Don't ya love that great scoreboard!!!

Kris said...

WOW, I can't believe that she's a Senior. It seems like she should still be 15....! Congrats to you Darcie. Nan, you crack me up about the red headed referee. I am laughing!

Anonymous said...

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